Hannah Hayworth Photography Interview… with a dash of Crossfit


I am beyond excited to introduce you to an amazing photographer! I first ran into Hannah on Instagram, then stalked her on Facebook and since my jaw was on the floor the entire time, I had to tell everyone about the awesome work she does. Introduce yourself in few words. My name is Hannah Hayworth, I'm 23 years old, I was born and raised in Arizona, and if you ever see me in anything other than CrossFit clothes I'll give you a dollar!!!! … [Read more...]

Verify Your Site with Pinterest [Video]

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I hope by now you realized how important Pinterest has become in the social media and what a driving force it is for some businesses. It is important that you make your profile look as good as it gets and put your site in front of as many eyes as you can. So for this, instead of displaying a little globe icon on your profile, it would be much nicer to display your site's URL. And here is how you can do that:   See how simple … [Read more...]

How to stop wasting too much time on managing your emails

Gmail Import

Set up your Gmail as a business hub to save time on emails We all have multiple email addresses and at times the number of those can get out of control. You have a personal one. Then your website email address for contacting you with business offers. Then support email for your products. Then an email for the offline version of your business. Your dog's email. The email you use to order diet pills you keep secret and so on. One may be a … [Read more...]

Does your email address make you look like a total amateur?


How to choose the best email to communicate with prospects and clients. Are you running any kind of business or hoping you will soon? Do this right now - go get rid of your yahoo, hotmail and AOL email address. Like right now. I will wait... Done? OK, now we can move to actual serious business stuff (I say this in serious voice). Main thing to take away from here today is - don't use free email accounts to do business! When you get an … [Read more...]

How to promote your Facebook fan page with your profile (One time setup)

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Facebook fans are sometimes hard to come by so you might as well use any change you get to promote your page. Which is why I am surprised more business owners are not doing this. (Unless you are trying to hide your business from your psycho ex, which I really hope isn't the case).     Don't let this space go unused, set it up and get more fans. … [Read more...]

One simple way to make social media work for your business

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I am pretty sure that any type of fitness business today, including fitness personalities, use some sort of social media. I mean if they aren't, they probably think it is still 1980. Run away from those.  Most have personal Facebook profiles, a lot have Twitter or Instagram accounts, many have Facebook pages, some have blogs and so on. However, one thing you can see a big percentage of these social media accounts do is - … [Read more...]